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Their Marble Beige to Blue 3

Their Marble Beige to Blue 3



oil, pencil and stamping on plastic paper






이 작업은  가상의 회사 Sophie Etulips Xylang Co.,의 빌딩 로비에 있을 법한 자재를 재현하며 2020에 시작한 대리석 페인팅 시리즈 중 3번 페인팅으로, ‘Defense:…(2020, d/p, Seoul)’, ‘Girls in Quarantine(2020, Not Your Typical Narcissist, Online)’, ‘Living Relation (2021, Nam Mountain, Seoul)’, ‘Sophie Etulips Xylang Co., (2021,, Online)’, ‘Ritual of Matter(2023, Leeum Museum of Art, Seoul)’ 등 다수의 개인전시와 단체 전시에서 다양한 작업 형태 선보였습니다. This work is the third painting from a marble painting series that began in 2020, reproducing materials that could be found in the lobby of the fictional company Sophie Etulips Xylang Co. It has been showcased in various forms of works and media in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including "Defense:…" (2020, d/p, Seoul), "Girls in Quarantine" (2020, Not Your Typical Narcissist, Online), "Living Relation" (2021, Nam Mountain, Seoul), "Sophie Etulips Xylang Co." (2021, s-e※, Online), and "Ritual of Matter" (2023, Leeum Museum of Art, Seoul).




작업 구매 및 수령은 을지로 소재의 작업실에 방문하여 가능합니다.

purchase and pick-up of the work can be done by visiting our studio located in Euljiro.

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