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The Rebercca Son

The Rebercca Son



natural essential oil, fragrance oil, naturally fermented alcohol, purified water, emulsifier, UV blocker, moisturizer

dimensions variable 





Rebercca Son and The Cost, Gallery SP, Seoul


시향. 전시 '레버카 손과 그의 비용(2019, SP gallery, Seoul)'에서 선 보인 The Rebercca Son 입니다. 1회 시향지에 향을 묻혀 시향합니다. 매해 시향의 가격은 150% 올라갑니다. Fragrance Testing: This Scent was Presented on 'Rebercca Son and The Cost(2019, SP gallery, Seoul). Each invitation includes a scent strip for one-time fragrance testing. The price for fragrance testing increases by 150% annually.



작업 구매 및 수령은 을지로 소재의 작업실에 방문하여 가능합니다.

purchase and pick-up of the work can be done by visiting our studio located in Euljiro.




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