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Sophie Etulips Xlyang Company: blackwater Ver.2
  • Sophie Etulips Xlyang Company: blackwater Ver.2



    scent, essential oils, naturally fermented alcohol, purified water, emulsifier, UV blocker, moisturizer

    dimensions variable




    시향. 전시 Sophie Etulips Xylang Co.,(2021,, Online)를 위한 초대장에 실어 선보인 Blackwater Ver.2 : The Scent of Chairman's Room입니다. 1회 시향지에 향을 묻혀 시향할 수 있도록 합니다. 매해 시향의 가격은 200% 올라갑니다. Fragrance Testing: Presented on the invitation to the Sophie Etulips Xylang Co. Exhibition (2021,, Online), introducing Blackwater Ver.2: The Scent of Chairman's Room. Each invitation includes a scent strip for one-time fragrance testing. The price for fragrance testing increases by 200% annually.




    작업 구매 및 수령은 을지로 소재의 작업실에 방문하여 가능합니다.

    purchase and pick-up of the work can be done by visiting our studio located in Euljiro.


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