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The way I feel this mini rose, digital photography, 2010.


Rebercca လက်, gathered, pencil and beads on paper, approx. 800 x 2950 mm, 2020-2021.


was born and raised in Saint Petersburg in Russia. He was a rhythmic gymnast. He lost his both hands and arms during the career. After the career, He finished the perfumery course, ‘Το πιο αθώο' in Σχολείο αρωματοποιία' located in Athene, Greece. Now He lives and works in Tokyo, and often be a guard at the building of Sophie Etulips Xylang Co., in Seoul.

R.. is a perfumery label founded by Rebercca. R strives to push the boundaries, creating exquisitely crafted fragrances that are innovative yet timeless.

7 years after its creation, On the concept of ‘bodiless’, he continues using the finest qualified materials and creates to make a unique and personal journey.


R is a kind of hybrid creature in color and shape.

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Bomas Deuler

is a head curator and dealer of BCGM and a guardian angel of Boma.

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